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Why do I need AutoDealsBot?

We offer a powerful tool for managing Deals channels, capable of maximizing your earnings and minimizing efforts, giving you access to essential features for your Business in affiliate marketing

Automatic Posts

Automate your channel by creating a real passive income


Manual Posts

Posting a deal has never been so fast. 5 seconds and the post will be on your channel

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Post Customization

Fully customize your Posts, making your channel unique, inimitable, and original


Custom Images

Stand out from the crowd by adding Logo, Prices, and a Theme that reflects your channel


Multi-admin management

If you have multiple admins, organizing Posts will become easier



You can count on assistance and an always available community


Transparent and affordable prices

The price of our service will be commensurate with the size of your Network. In this way, we allow the equal growth of anyone who wants to venture into the world of Affiliate Marketing

Up to 1000 users

9.99/ month

Between 1000 and 3000 users

14.99/ month

Between 3000 and 10,000 users

16.99/ month
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Between 10,000 and 30,000 users

19.99/ month

Over 30,000 users

24.99/ month
  • All features included
  • Additional channels cost half the price corresponding to its member range
  • You can always take advantage of the free trial!
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Unlimited channels
500/ year
  • Unlimited channels
  • All features included
  • All your channels in one Bot
  • You can always take advantage of the free trial!
  • Terms of service apply
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